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40 million Americans suffer from chronic disorders of sleep and wakefulness.

95% of these disorders remain unidentified and undiagnosed.

This DVD shares the stories of 8 people who have spent their nights battling sleep behavior disorders (“Parasomnias”).

All regions - NTSC 4:3 - Not Rated
Digital Dolby Stereo 2.0
ISBN 0-9763587-0-0

Produced and Directed: Brian L. Dehler
Executive Producer: Carlos H. Schenck, M.D.

The stories include recurrent bouts of sleep-eating, sleep-driving, sleep-walking, violent dream enactments, and night terrors that often result in day-time fears and anxieties. Sleep Runners shares these stories first hand and provides insight on diagnosis and treatment from two of the pioneering doctors in the field of Parasomnias. The subjects and their family members share courageous stories of self-diagnosis, their ways of coping, and their intriguing journeys of perseverance that have led them to recovery and a renewal of life, after receiving proper medical intervention. Sleep Runners will give you a better understanding of Parasomnias, enabling you to seek help for yourself or for someone you know.

In 1982, Carlos H. Schenck, MD helped discover a dream-enacting disorder that he and his colleagues named the, "Rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder", -RBD. Since that time, a large number of patients with RBD, "disorders of arousal," and related conditions have been identified, diagnosed, and successfully treated. This broad range of abnormal behaviors, emotions, and dreams that accompany sleep are referred to as Parasomnias. After laying down to sleep, an individual with a Parasomnia can kick, punch, scream, eat, jump out of windows, drive cars, throw furniture, and experience overwhelming bouts of fear and aggression. For many of these people, the days are often filled with anxiety, exhaustion and fear of the approaching night. Nearly all of these cases are easily treatable and are not psychological as many tend to believe.

This dvd should interest people affected by parasomnias or other sleep disorders; and those interested in sleep, dreams, and human behavior from various perspectives; students and professionals in medicine, nursing, sleep technology, biology, neuroscience, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and other fields.


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